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replacing a beloved employee or attempting to fill a brand new role can be daunting but at majer we prefer to see it as an exciting opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and experience a new dynamic.  we truly believe the recruitment process can and should be an exciting and memorable one.


finding a-players has never been easier!

we remove the guesswork from finding your next employee. we take the time to understand your company's culture and ideals, do all screening, initial interviewing, reference checking, skills testing and profiling to ensure every candidate we present, is right for the job; then it's over to you to choose the best fit! we know the market inside out, and only work with the best talent in brisbane. we work, in partnership with you, to get the best outcome for everyone.

after over 15 years in the brisbane recruitment market, we've built a network of the highest calibre business support talent on offer, and we take care of our people. this is both our speciality and our passion.

our process is professional, friendly and thorough with quick turnaround times.  we provide thorough reference checks, a guarantee period and continued follow-up. We pride ourselves on an honest, transparent and enjoyable recruitment process. we always ensure both employer and employee walk away with the highest level of satisfaction. 

majer always aims to exceed our clients expectations by delivering the best talent in a timely manner.  we are the talent magnets you need to fill vacancies for your business' temporary, contract and permanent roles.

Kelly Kannar and Suzie Majer - Majer Recruitment

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